What is the TOEFL?

(Pronounced “toe full” or TOEFL) evaluates the success of the Test of English as a Foreign Language
Understand the personal use of standard American English and college level. It requires non-native applicants at many American and other
English-speaking university. TOEFL is the product of an agreement by the private Educational Testing Service (ETS)
The College Board is a not-for-profit company to manage the test in the institutions of the United States; They also produce the SAT.

Where can the TOEFL test in?

Test is normally taken from the test center computer, it is administered worldwide.

What is the TOEFL?

Internet-based test (iBT test) introduced in other countries through 2006, and was available at Vancouver English Centre. Beatty
Speaking, listening, reading, writing: to test the four language skills important for effective communication. Curriculum of our TOEFL
Prepare program is to help prepare you for one of the computer-based test, or Internet-based test.

Do TOEFL test, including what?

This test is necessary to:

– Say reading, listening, and responding to the following questions:

– For saying in response to the following questions:

– Reading, listening, goods in response to the following questions:

TOEFL preparation course at Duke

Students will work with rich effects and up-to-date textbooks and teacher materials that can be experienced. Design the TOEFL preparation class
Into two parts.

Firstly, we are improving the Intensive English skills. Students vocabulary building, critical listening and reading, essay writing, speaking, working on.

The second focus is to build skills and TOEFL test-taking strategies to improve your score. All tests TOEFL different, each has the same type of test

We will help you become familiar with the types of questions asked TOEFL.

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