Duke Resources

Expert Faculties

Duke faculties are highly educated, experienced professionals who believe in a high quality instruction. They build the foundation of Duke’s academically prestigious environment that advocates high standards and excellence.


Global Culture

Duke’s students and faculties have the highest respect for diversity, multilingualism and multiculturalism. Duke members believe in a professional global community that advances collaboration in a global community.


Learning without borders

Spread your wings and discover the world while earning your college diploma at Duke. Whether you want to study, volunteer, or participate in international learning at home, we offer a range of opportunities to integrate international experience into your college career.

Class IV1

Generate New Thinking

Debate and discussion create new thinking. At Duke, you are encouraged to challenge yourself, your fellow students, and, yes, even your professors as you unlock and explore diverse perspectives.


Go Global: Study And Learn Abroad

Duke has several programs for you to choose from, each giving you a unique opportunity to get where you want to go. Your doorway will open to an amazing world view.


Make A Difference

Education can inspire you to create change. A Duke education helps you analyze big issues, solve complex problems and make positive transformations by challenging the status quo.


Experience Personal Learning

Everyone has a voice. Find yours at Duke through an inclusive learning environment that promotes a strong sense of belonging and puts you in charge of your own education.

Test Your Ideas
Some of the best learning takes place by doing. Through experiential learning and hands-on research opportunities. you can work side-by-side with faculty or in the community, testing out your own theories and gaining new insights.
Learning Environment
Duke’s collaborative learning environment helps you engage in problem-solving and learn to be comfortable taking risks. You will learn real-world skills and share experiences with your peers and Profs to debate, explore differences, find common ground and gain new perspectives.

Personal Learning

At Duke, you choose your future. We offer students flexible options within a wide range of language and specialty programs. We give you the breadth and depth you need to tailor your success. And with an excellent faculty-to-student ratio, you always have access to support.


Transformative Learning

At Duke, You will be challenged to expand your view of the world through collaboration, experiential learning and hands-on research. The Duke experience prepares your to create change – in yourself and in the world around you.

Student Life
A rich life experience and a sense of belonging is what you will find at Duke. Your efforts and successes will be celebrated through a variety of events ranging from academic workshops and visiting speakers, to fun lunches and dinners, and visits to Toronto and area attractions. Support services such as academic advising and peer support are also available.

Our Commitment To International Students

Duke recognizes the contributions of our international students with many significant scholarships and awards, helping to make the transition to studying in Canada, and at Duke, a little easier. We also invite you to participate in additional extracurricular programs, seek out campus mentors to help you achieve your leadership goals, and attend regular forums where you can meet other like-minded scholars.

Duke students can earn internship positions with reputable companies and organizations in Canada. Completing an internship is the best way to apply what you have learned in the classes to a real world class setting. Internships can be obtained through Duke Office of Career Services or by the students. Please speak with the advisor to begin the internship process.


Study Abroad

During summer terms and spring/winter breaks, Duke provides short term opportunities for groups of students to study in foreign countries under the guidance of an instructor. The upcoming travel courses will be announced periodically.

After-School Activities

Foster deeper engagement and opportunities for students to take charge of their own learning with high quality, engaging, relevant tools designed for today’s busy teachers and parents. Explore our programs and contests, interactive games, puzzles, lesson plans, videos and more.

Life in Toronto

Families moving to the City of Toronto for the first time (or returning after an international posting), will find Duke Parents’ Association an invaluable resource for orienting families to the country, city, and school. Active networks of Parent Ambassadors are also here to help!


Duke develops information literacy skills .

Duke embraces different approaches to learning.

Duke provides varied literature for reading pleasure.

Duke present global points of view and encourage global mindedness.

Duke promotes intercultural awareness .

Duke reflects critical thinking.

Duke promotes inquiry.